Thursday, 11 April 2013


Welcome to the inaugural post on our new blog; 'But You Didn't Hear It From Us'.

Understanding the power of word of mouth!

The blog is a film review site targeted mostly at big budget Hollywood feature films, but our interests don't stop there!

The idea for the blog started out from a life long passion for film from both of us with the Mr watching anything and everything and the Misses, well... Disney and musicals, not necessarily in that order. We watch a lot of films together, whether that be in the cinema, a dvd or on the small screen!

As far as reviews go the main content will be written by the Mr, he is of course the writer in this relationship. Along side the review the rating system is broken into two parts; a scale of 1 to 10 and a short summary and opinion of the film by both the Mr and Misses.

We're not aiming to be professional critics, but your run of the mill arm chair critics!

But you didn't hear that from us,

Mr & Misses

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