Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ch-ch-changes - Big News From Us at Bydhifu!

As you know, we're a very young and fresh blog - but we aim to please and to produce quality content, so with that in mind, we're making some changes round the imaginary office. There's a LOT of news to share with you all! It's a very, very, very busy period for us till the end of May, so you may not see that much life out of us just yet, but we hope the following news makes you squeal with joy - or, at least, increase your boredom threshold?

First off, we'd like to thank our great readers - we've literally just turned about 2.5 weeks old, and we're already about 650 views (that's not all of us clicking the page repeatedly, we promise!). We want to thank you guys for coming to the blog and reading our posts!

Secondly, we want to start building the blog to increase the readership. We are looking to get more involved with our audience, so please - follow us on twitter with the handle @bydhifu, engage with us in the comments section, and most importantly, if you like what we're doing, we'd really appreciate you sharing the blog with others who may be interested. We promise eternal gratitude for those who help us! We can't promise enough hugs to those who enjoy reading our work to share our site with other potential readers, but, we'll try!

(P.S. We've updated the banner, we hope you like it. We know we do!)

Small Screen Surprises - A Relaunch
We're relaunching our DVD/Blu-Ray section and calling it Small Screen Surprises - as before, our aim as we set out on this journey across the blogger-verse, is to bring you up to date reviews and suggestions/recommendations for the week's releases. As well as what to avoid, and what's worth spending that spare change on in your pocket to rent - we'll also be going more into depth to look at DVD extras and commentaries. We're also going to expand the review section to look at other films that may not have hit the silver screen and that we may recommend - a slight change from our mostly feature film release reviews so far. (A new one is literally coming up in the next few hours, yay).

Framing Film - Incoming Inaugural Section
Look out for our inaugural interview feature coming up soon, probably early next week, with a prolific actor who takes on villainous and challenging roles. This will be the first in a series of interviews that we intend to conduct, and so far it has got us very excited! We have a few interviews lined up, including an indie short producer and a first time director within the next 30-40 days. The interview series will be titled 'Framing Film'.

Launch of 'The Greats' featurettes
Launching this week or early next week will also be our first The Greats feature, where we will be focusing and exploring either a singular film in each post or a collection of works - we will be revisiting old classics, be they feature films, cult films, standalone films, franchise fi... well, you get the idea.

Also, within the next two weeks, we aim to start our TV section, by looking at some of our favourite shows - these features will focus around recaps/introductions to the shows for those who haven't seen them. Eventually, we aim to do feature posts that allow people to gain necessary information about a show and what type of audience would want to watch it (and who would enjoy it), without giving too much away.

Writing Opportunities
At some point, we might even look to increase the team if there's any film lover out there who would want to write for us. Watch this space for more news on this later!

Flagship Feature
Finally, every so often, without any regular want to update, we'll be launching our flagship feature series, "But You Didn't Hear That From Us" - which will be a collection of movie industry related news, missed oppurtunities for old films, a look at recent 'arty' and independent films, as well as a huge heaping of oddball trivia that we find interesting, collected from a variety of reputable (read: internet related) sources! We do it, so you don't have to - and so you can look really cool at a party when you mention a fact that no-one knew and has everyone going, "ahh"...

(Disclaimer: How you use the knowledge we share with you will be completely up to you and your sole responsibility - we do not accept liability for anything, except, you know, making you look totally awesome).

We hope that you'll enjoy all of these new things coming from us, and we hope to hear from you soon,

But you didn't hear any of this from us,

From the team,

Thank you.

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