Thursday, 11 April 2013

About Us

As the title says... About Us!

The Mr:

We are all storytellers.

This is what I find fascinating in the world around us; from rudimentary scrawls on the cave walls: to the mythic symbols of the Egyptians: to the resounding passages from Chaucer and Byron - humans created and lived multiple life times, universes, stories.

I am an aspiring writer that fell in love with the art of story telling from a very young age. I have had a deep respect for all its forms for a very long time. Movies and shows provided me with an escape and a purpose. In one minute I could be following the whirlwind romance of any of Humphrey Bogart characters and on the next I could be on a planet, far far away...

Film gave me a way to connect with people; a shared non-hostile interest with my mother, a root of understanding and in-jokes with my peers and siblings and finally a fullfilling journey for my beautiful girlfriend and I.

Films, especially in this day and age can change and morph the way in which we live our lives. Think of how many people have seen films such as, Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather...

Films inspire, comfort and persevere.

When people are down, or lost, or are in a bad place, you can never underestimate the power of a finely crafted film and a meaningful message.Think of all the great partnerships, all the first kisses and all the beautiful fairy tale lives that people have lead, or experienced because of film. All the dates, all the family outings, the multi-dollar industry, and its massive influence on technology and every day life, including social trends.

The big screen and the little screen have radically changed and altered world history, as well as the human heart and our tender souls.

This is why I fell in love with films, and why I have been writing about them, and one day, hopefully for them.

The Misses:

Hey, I'm the Misses, Georgia.

I'm primarily a photographer, and that is one of my biggest passions in life, along side Ferenc of course! But I do love films too, after all my degree is half about moving image!

I photograph weddings & portraits because I love working with people. If you would like to see my photography blog just click here and you can also find me on Facebook.

Our first date was to watch a film and this has been a massive connection between us ever since. We love a good film, whether that be a musical (a personal favourite of mine), an action film, rom com or pretty much every type of film...other than horror...that's something I like to avoid!

We are both also a sucker for a good TV show. Favourites of mine include, Grey's Anatomy (!!!), Friends, Warehouse 13 and of course...Eastenders! But don't worry I won't be blogging about the latter.

A passion of mine is also Youtube. While I don't make videos I do enjoy watching them, mostly because like I said above I love working with people! Youtube is a great way to see people from all around the world, but also a great way to view cute videos of cats...

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