Saturday, 3 August 2013

While the Mr & Misses are away...

The readers get to play! Or get to watch a lot of films/box sets we recommend.

So guys it's that time of year - summer holiday time and the Mr and I are off on holiday on Sunday! (Wahoo!) 

But don't worry, we won't be leaving you in the lurch, we will have posts up every couple of days (thanks to the wonder of scheduling posts) to keep you entertained while we are relaxing in the sun! 

And on our return we will have a lot of films to catch up on so also expect to see a load more reviews when we get back. (Because you can bet we'll have cinema withdrawal symptoms!) 

So make sure to check out our mini posts while we are on holiday and of course the second part of the interview with Simon, which can be found here.

But  You Didn't Hear it From Us,

The Mr & Misses

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