Sunday, 4 August 2013

Red 2 - Review

Directed by: Dean Parisot
Starring: Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brian Cox, Anthony Hopkins, Lee Byung-han
Written by: Warren Ellis, Jon Hoeber, Cully Hamner, Eric Hoeber

Rating: 8.5/10

'Retired (and) Extremely Dangerous' returns for round 2.

And boy, is it good.

This film is a treat to behold - having sent critics into a tailspin when comparing it other  films. Some have labelled it a 'popcorn film' - as you might guess, we'll call it a 'Lemonade' film.

Reviewer's warning: As usual - we rate films based on the goals they set out to achieve or how well they entertain us. We do not give other films undue influence on our rating of this film - but it does factor in, obviously.

'Red 2' isn't the world's best outing in the comic genre. It's not the strongest. It's not a genre defining film, in anyway, nor is it a career best for any of the thespians. It's a movie that with an aging cast, wants to have fun. It does - on a spectacular scale.

If you suspend your criticality and focus on one of the most crucial elements of what a movie is supposed to do - to entertain, then this film is an absolute blast. It plays to very base but proven gags, and giants of the screen like Malkovich, Willis and Mirren deliver mirth in bounds at all levels. It's a film that we went into see - fully expecting it just to be a 'good time' - and on that scale, it gave it to us in bucketloads. We're in the first half of this movie's target audience, so we can safely say they hit the money on that.

The plot (which has some pretty holes in it, but we're not watching this film for it's unbounded logic and narrative structure) centres around Frank (Willis) from the previous film. A document surfaces online that claims that he and

The story is somewhat scatter-brained and it's done in typical global jetsetting fashion - but would we settle for anything less? The set design, production design - all the way to the stuntwork - will have you nodding and smiling, even laughing and cheering, throughout. It's a rare film - it feels like a 'Best Of' CD for some of these truly magnificent actors and actresses - and it's a game where everyone is on fine form. That is the entire cast and crew.

You don't go to see the next Bourne legacy or the next Inception -

This film knows the target market well and plays it to it accordingly - fans of the talented bunch won't be disappointed by this outing. Nor will their lives be changed by it - or will they undergo any emotional growth.

- You go to this film for the gags, the one liners, the visuals and the dangerous stunts, performed by veterans of the screen who do it with ease.

And trust us, it doesn't disappoint.

Oh, and there's a crazy WMD, a top-of-the-line Korean assassin and Catherine Zeta-Jones stars as an old Russian femme fatale flame of Frank's -

Need we say more?

What the Mr. Thought:
I left the theatre wondering quietly if it was an amazing film that I had just seen or if I was just perfectly content. It turns out it was a bit of both - it was nice to see a film where you didn't have any niggling CGI poking at you, characters that were brilliant but didn't fit the film, or anything that really stood out of place. It's never better than seeing a true ensemble cast at work - and this is one of the best.

It's a film that knows the talent AND the expertise of the cast - and it plays to it. It doesn't let anyone's egos get bigger than the other - it's also a whole heap of fun.

It's easy going film watching at it's best. I'm giving it my personal 'Lemonade Film Of the Year' award. Or at least a nomination - I doubt I'll see something that's so much fun, entertaining and not serious this year.

What the Misses Thought:

This film was awesome! I really enjoyed the first film and I couldn't wait to see the second instalment, and I was so happy that it didn't disappoint.
I'm just going to put it out there...I LOVE Bruce Willis. And he was perfect in this film. He was not the only one. Helen Mirren, as always was spot on and John Malkovich... he has been one of my favourites since I very first watched Con Air. He is brilliant, nutty and just so funny!
Overall this film was the perfect one to see before the Mr and I go on holiday! It made me laugh, it made me want to cry (because I was laughing so much!) and it just made me love Bruce Willis even more! (If that's possible...)

But remember, you didn't hear any of that from us,
The Mr. and the Misses!

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