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Framing Film - Two Guys and a Film - Update Interview

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Today we're bringing you an update interview with the wonderful Canyon and James from Two Guys and a Film. If you haven't seen the first interview we did with them, make sure you check it out too, the first part is here and the second part is here

It's really exciting to see how far they have come and now that they have made two films, they are now making five films (yes five!) at one time to add to their slate. 

You can find out more about their project, but also help support them by visiting their website. Just click here!


Ferenc Igali: So you're taking the big leap after having completed your first two feature films - what does it feel like now that you have that experience under your belt?

Two Guys: It's always exciting when we're talking about making new movies. Canyon and I have a kind of company mantra "Get back on set!". If we set that as our goal, then everything else becomes all about achieving it! 

FI: What have you learned so far that you hope to use in this next stage?

TG: We've learned a lot more about the business side of filmmaking, something we were more naive about going into the last films. We really feel like were better equipped on these films which will ultimately lead to bigger success!

FI: Obviously you guys are expanding, adding more projects to the slate - what's the general plan here and where does the company go from here on out? 

TG: The next five films is just the next step in our progression as filmmakers. We've done the slate model with two, and proven that we can handle multiple projects at the same time. Now it's time to up our game and go for five! Looking to the future of the company long term, we aim to build an independent studio that allows us to keep creating awesome films as well as bringing up other first-time directors.

FI: You advocated combining sources of funding previously  - what made you return to the crowdfunding model for this endeavour and how does it combine into the overall plans?

TG: Well, our approach to crowdfunding is different than most, meaning we aren't relying solely on it for the films budget. It has to be considered in your budget as an indie filmmaker, but you can't stop there. We really believe that you should explore every avenue available, which is what we are going to do. We are turning to crowdfunding to raise the development funds only for the next slate, and like I said not the entire budget. The larger portion of the budget will come from Private Equity, Tax Incentives, and Gap Financing. 

FI: Where will the money you raise go?

TG: There are a lot of development costs that we need to cover before we can go out and raise the full budgets. Things like hiring a Casting Director to start casting the films, a legit Line Producer, Legal and Start Up fees.  These are all costs that we need to pay for before we can really start moving forward. We also have investors around the country interested in investing, however we need to travel to meet and close these deals, which also costs money! Development is often thought of as playtime money, but it's not. We actually need this money to move this slate forward.

FI: What can we expect from this next slate of films? 

TG: Five awesome action packed stories in genres that we all love. Sci-Fi and Horror!


Canyon and James have sent us their press release with details all about their five films. While the majority are horror based, such as 'Extinction' which "is about a group of military elite who travel deep behind enemy lines to investigate a viral outbreak" and to us sounds like a rather good zombie film (Don't we all love a good zombie film!?) 

And if you don't know this about the misses...well you do now, she hates films based around sharks. They freak her out! However Two Guys' found-footage film, 'Beach Day Massacre' which "follows a group of marine biology students as they document a series of fatal shark attacks" might just sway her!

Among the five films is also a Sci-fi thriller titled, '68 Minutes' "about a former scientist who breaks out of a mental institute in order to stop a device that could potentially create a universal time crisis" 

To find out about the other two films and more details about their project, make sure to check out their website, just click right here!

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